The Southern Stars Young Horse Championships

Guidelines and Rules Governing these events.


The Event

The Australian Young Horse Endurance Challenge will be conducted as an annual series.

The Series will start on January 1st each year and will finish with the staging of the Final Challenge Event to be held during the month of December of the same year.

The Horse

The horse must be registered with a breed society

 Age      Minimum age:            Must be 6yo on Jan the 1st in the year of nomination.

            Maximum age: Not to have reached its 9th birthday on the day of the final Challenge event.

 Proof of Age:     To be determined by an Australian recognised breed registration certificate.

Horse Welfare:  All relevant AERA and FEI horse welfare rules will apply including the FEI Horse welfare Code of Conduct.

Elimination:  Any horse that is entered in this series and requires invasive treatment that is directed by the Ride or Treatment Veterinarian at any AERA or FEI ride within Australia during the Series year will be eliminated from the series. Horses that receive preventative treatment at the request of the rider/responsible person will not be eliminated from the Series.   Any horse that vets out for any reason at two qualifiers is eliminated from the series.

The Rider

In all Divisions and Sections of these events, the Rider must be of Endurance Status, as defined in the AERA Members Handbook.

 Qualifying Standards

All qualifying rides will be FEI 1* with distances to be of 80 km – 119km.

The Final of the Championship will be 2* 120kms.

 Heart Rates:      As per the FEI Veterinary rules for 1* and 2* rides.

 Weights:             Minimum weight will be 70kgs in all Divisions and events.

Qualifications for Final:

a)         Horses must successfully complete one series qualifying 1* ride in the calendar year leading up to the final.           

b)         Those eligible for the Final will be the top 10 horses placed in each qualifying ride.

c)         Horses may compete at one or more Qualifiers even if already qualified, however only one qualifying time will count towards the final. 

d)         Only qualified Young Horses are permitted to enter the Final event. Non Series horses will not be permitted to enter

 Organizer and Beneficiary

The Australian Endurance Squad.

 Entry Information – Nomination for the Series is to be paid in full not later than 4 weeks prior to the first qualifying event in the Series. This nomination will be non refundable A late nomination fee will be charged if fees not paid by the due date.

Completion of applications will include copies of Log Book ID and summary of ride history together with copies of breed registration certificates will be required with nomination payments  

Fees payable for entry to the SSYHC Series

Squad Members/Horses:            $60.00 per horse   

Non Squad Members                 $80.00 per horse   

Any late fees                             $20.00 per horse   

The above amounts do not include entry to the rides

 Young Riders

Where a Young Riders Division is run by the Ride Organiser, those nominated Challenge horses in that Division may participate in the Young Horse Challenge provided they carry the min. weight of 70kg. The Young Rider participants will be ranked with the Open Division horses for Qualification for entry into the Final. The Final will not include a Young Riders Division.

Nomination forms are available below or from the AERA website: , click on “international”.


For enquiries and information please contact:

Barbara Timms

Manager- Australian Endurance Squad

[email protected]

Ph:  (07) 4163 1568

YOUNG HORSE CHALLENGE NOMINATION FORM   Click on the Form below to download a copy