Minutes - 2012 AGM

These minutes were ratified at the 2013 AGM

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Presidents Report - 2010 AGM

 I did not start the year as President.  I need to thank Jil B for her efforts.  I have found the job challenging and time consuming.  I wish to thank the committee for their confidence in appointing me to the job on a casual basis.  Our current committee is just starting to come to understand their roles and I think those remaining will soar to amazing heights in 2011!!

 That said, the committee constantly finds itself stretched with limits to time, skills and experience.  Any offers of help are always welcome, particularly in the areas of recruiting and training volunteers, and sponsorship.

 This time last year the 2010 calendar looked a little ‘light on’ but it all came together with a successful calendar offering two training events and 10 endurance rides.  Low light, being let down by a vet for Moonaree after had most pre nominations we had for any ride in 2010 and all the hard work Catherine and Alistair put in.  High light, two new ride venues being Coorong and Bute, and some new ride organisers stepping up.  Thanks to Jodie Luck, Linda Magro, Jane-Marie Wells and Wal (Karren Laudenbach) for stepping up.

 2011 shaping up with an amazing calendar which includes the SATQ.  There are still negotiations going on so stayed tuned, or better yet get involved and put your hand up.  Let’s get as many riders as possible from SA into our own Quilty.  AERA has accepted we will not be running an FEI ride in 2011.  If any member wants to run one and can come up with sponsorship $ they will get my support, but in general all states and organising committees are reporting them as challenging to run.

 I can see problems on the horizon with staffing these rides.  The same people put their hand up week in week out, and we need to change that.  In particular ride secretary.  There is a new computer system in the wind and training will be provided.  However to get our rides running next year we need some new faces in the ride office.  If this means we do manual ride sheets, I don’t have a problem with that but we must find new secretaries.  Think about this and any friends you have who we could rope in.  Rides will be cancelled if we cannot fill this position. 

 We also need to look after our ride secretaries.  I would like to congratulate Lainie for implementing a motion that was passed at an AGM a number of years ago.  She got abuse for doing it but it was not before time.  RIDERS – remember when you are packed up and ready to go, the ride secretary is still slaving and probably trying to apply their tired mind to best conditioned.  YOU CANNOT CONSTANTLY INTERRUPT THEM and expect your book/card back.  Mistakes will and have been made if you do this.  Make arrangements for someone else to stay and pick up your book/card at presentation or leave the money as per the motion to have your book/card express posted back to you following the ride.

 While we do not have a set of books to present to this meeting as complete as they were last year, we have run a tight ship.  Most rides have run at a small profit as we have not spent as much on water carting this year as previously.  Vets fees will rise by 2.5% next season (set by AERA) and we must have two vets for all rides in accordance with rule A13.2.

 I would like to congratulate all the SAERA members for the maturity with which they have handled the tumultuous year for both SAERA and SATQ in terms of committee.  It has been a relief to not see our ‘issues’ aired on oz endurance chat lines.  We are a small club and we need to support each other.  This extends to other forms of social networking.  Please think before you broadcast your ‘issues’ into the cyber world.  Then bring them to your committee, we are open to discussion and any member can attend our meetings.  BEWARE YOU MAY WALK AWAY WITH A JOB!!

 Melanie Scott

Acting SAERA President

December 2010

Copy of motion as passed at 2010 AGM

 SAERA members have the option to purchase their own bibs with details to be finalised by the State Management Committee and distributed for consideration and support by the membership.  All in favour.

The motion was passed

South Australian Endurance Riders Association Inc

Rider Bib Policy


 To provide members of the South Australian Endurance Riders Association Inc. (SAERA) with information on the rules associated with the wearing of reflective safety vests known as rider bibs. The rider bibs are worn by riders during endurance events to provide a means of identification and high visibility to assist in the avoidance of accidents.

 Policy Outcome Statement:

 SAERA’s policy on Rider Bibs is that all riders will be required to purchase a bib for their own use during endurance events once they become a qualified endurance rider. During the novice qualification period a rider will not be required to purchase a bib. SAERA will provide a bib that the rider can use during this period. These rider bibs will also be available for use by interstate riders.

 The use of rider bibs arises from risk management by providing a high visibility, reflective vest that is to be worn by riders entering into any endurance event.

 This policy has been submitted to the State Management Committee for approval.


 1.              Rider bibs provided by SAERA (as per current stock) will be used in training and introductory rides only. Day glow yellow rider bibs, (which will have SA attached to the front), and will be purchased by the member, are only to be used in endurance rides. This will assist in meeting the requirements of Rule No. A4 namely, “All riders entering training rides must be identified as training riders.” While the same requirement does not exist within the Introductory Ride Guidelines the safety of introductory riders will be maintained at the same level as training riders.

 2.              Rider bibs that are to be used in the competitive rides will be identified with the appropriately coloured strip indicative of the riding division. These strips will be affixed to the bib. The colours of the strip for each weight division are:

·         Heavyweight – Red

·         Middleweight – Blue

·         Lightweight – Silver

·         Junior – Black

 3.         A rider entering a competitive endurance ride will be required to purchase their own bib once they have qualified as an endurance rider. While they are gaining their qualification and riding as a novice rider the rider can either purchase their own bib or use one of the SAERA provided bibs.

 4.              Current endurance riders will be required to purchase a number as a part of their membership application from the year 2011 onwards.   This should be a one off purchase, however a replacement can be purchased at any time.

 5.              Allocation of bib numbers – numbers should match your membership number less the 5 at the beginning.  Endurance riders have the same number for life, allocation of bib numbers in accordance with membership number is deemed to be the most equitable method.

 6.              When the novice rider returns their novice membership card to the membership secretary for upgrade to endurance status, they will also forward a rider bib order form with a cheque (made out to SAERA Inc.) in the amount of $32 to purchase a bib for their use at all competitive rides. SAERA will allocate the next available rider bib upon receipt of the order and correct payment. The endurance membership card with the endurance bib, will be issued upon payment for the rider bib.

7.         Training and introductory ride entrants will e provided with bibs free of charge at rides.  No payment is required for the use of club bibs in the non-competitive rides.  The yellow bibs cannot be used in the Training or Introductory rides.       

8          .Novice and interstate riders, competing in South Australian events, will be able to use the SAERA provided bibs free of charge. If the interstate rider has their own rider bib, permission will be granted for them to use the bib, in endurance rides, provided the bib is numbered, clearly indicates the riding division and the bib is reflective. The number of the interstate rider’s bib should be unique to ensure that a duplication of numbers for the ride does not occur.

 9.         SAERA Members can purchase a rider bib from the SAERA Committee member responsible for ride bibs as detailed on the Contacts page of the SAERA Website/Newsletter. Once purchased the rider bib is the property of the rider and can be sold to other riders at the bib owner’s discretion(the number must be changed to the new riders membership number at the purchasers expense and to a comparable standard, in the opinion of the SMC). SAERA accepts no responsibility for maintenance of a rider bib once it has been purchased. The rider bib must be maintained in good order and repair.

 10.       SAERA will not be party to any sale arrangements and will not take any part in the sale of the rider bib.

 11.       All riders in endurance rides, both novice and qualified, must wear bibs with the appropriately coloured strip for the riding division in which they are entered. This requirement allows other riders and ride staff to quickly identify the riding division of the rider. Riders competing in endurance rides who wear a rider bib that displays a colour that is different to the riding division in which they are entered will be immediately disqualified from the event. No points or distance will be awarded to the rider or to the horse and the rider will be disqualified from the Best Conditioned judging for the event.

 12.       Continued instances of a rider wearing an inappropriately coloured riding bib, as in rule 9, will result in disciplinary action being implemented, in accordance with the SAERA Constitution.

 13.       Riders may embroider or attach lettering to the back of their rider bibs to display their name or their stud name. No logos are permitted to be displayed on the bib. Lettering must be placed at least 3cm above the top of the number. The lettering must not exceed 4cm in height. Any names must be approved by the SAERA SMC before being attached to the rider bib.

 14.       Qualified riders with their own bibs will be required to produce the bibs when completing their entry form. This procedure allows ride staff to check that the bib is appropriately coloured for the riding division to be entered. The procedure also allows an assessment of the state of repair of the bib to be made to ensure that the rider’s safety is protected. Where the rider bib is no longer in good repair ride staff will request the rider to remove this bib and use a SAERA provided rider bib($5 cost). The rider will not be able to continue to use their rider bib until it is repaired to a satisfactory condition.

 15.       Where a member has paid for a rider bib and is awaiting delivery of the bib the purchase receipt will be proof of purchase. The member will be able to use one of the SAERA provided bibs until they receive their own bib.

 16.       New rider bibs will not be provided to the member until payment has been received.

 17.       Where an endurance rider who has a bib but does not bring their bib to the ride they will be able to use the SAERA provided rider bibs at the ride. There is a $5 charge for using a SAERA provided rider bib.


SAERA Constitution

AERA Members Handbook

 Version Control:

Version No. 1.2

Date Updated: 25 November 2010

Minutes - 5 July 2010

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Minutes - 3 May 2010


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Minutes - 1 March 2010


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21 JANUARY 2009

South Australian Endurance Riders Association

Minutes of Meeting

Friday 21 January 2009 at 6.30pm

Mt Pleasant Hospital

 1.            Present:            Sarah Adams, Jil Bourton, Faye Gallagher, Jodie Luck, Catherine McTaggart, Deb Sheldon, Laura Salisbury, Jody Knowles

2.            Apologies:      Sarah Young, Sue Arwen

 3.            Confirmation of the minutes of the previous meeting (24/10/08):

                        To be confirmed next meeting

4.         2009 Portfolios





AERA delegate

Sarah Adams



Catering Officer

Jil Bourton



Forest Liaison

Certificate of Insurance

Sarah Young


Faye to prepare claim guidelines form                                      for the website.

First Aid

Jodie Luck


Jodie to renew first aid kit every year.

Gear Trailer

(Jodie Luck temporarily)


Jodie to request her father check the                                    trailer and report back on safety and                                  value.  Also to be put over a weigh                                    bridge.

Horse SA



Julie Fiedler will provide quarterly                                    updates.

Horse Welfare

Jody Knowles


Contact Shirley and Steve Ellis for                                          pro-formas.


Database, maintain computers

Request Simon Johnson and Angela Brennan


Catherine to request Simon and                                       Angela consider taking up the IT                                      portfolio.

Marketing and Promotion


Jodie Luck





Jodie to prepare an excel spreadsheet                                        of all sponsors and bring back to                                             the committee periodically.

Jodie to prepare a Ride Promotion                                 template in response to the AGM motion.

Medication Control

Request Melanie Scott


Catherine to request Melanie Scott                                   consider taking on the portfolio.


State Registrar

Faye Gallagher




Jody Knowles


Jody to prepare a proposal and                                     quotes for Committee consideration.

Officials Accreditation

Faye Gallagher




Request Anne Simmons


Catherine to request Anne Simmons                                 consider taking on the portfolio.

Ride Coordinator

Volunteer Coordinator

Ride Handbook

Jil Bourton


Jil to oversee records of volunteer                                 attendance at rides, to be reviewed                                             by the Committee quarterly.

Ride Stationery

Laura Salisbury


Contact Shirley Ellis for forms                                            required

Risk Management

Sarah Adams

Sarah Young

Tania Drever

Christabel Gurr


Sarah to approach Sarah,                                                    Tania and Christabel for assistance.                                 Manual is required.  WA Quilty                                           and EFA documentation may be of                                         assistance.

Strategic Plan

Sue Arwen

Jody Knowles

Sarah Young


Need to compare SAERA’s plan                                                 with AERA’s and consult with the                                            membership.  Should be reviewed                                              quarterly by the Committee and a                                              report prepared for the AGM.


Deb Sheldon


Deb to prepare a spreadsheet                                                     and approach someone for assistance                                     with the AGM presentations.


4.1            International Committee

            The Committee considered a proposal for Jil Bourton to sit on the International Committee as an independent delegate.  AERA currently covers the airfare for one delegate with out of pocket expenses covered by SAERA.  Sarah A and Jil left the room.  Concern was expressed over the cost associated with an additional delegate, however the Committee also recognised Jil’s lengthy experience and support of the sport.  An additional voice for SA on the Committee would be beneficial.  The following motion was put:

            That SAERA support Jil Bourton as an independent candidate for the International Committee and contribute up to half her airfare with the remainder to be covered by Jil and/or through fundraising activities initiated by Jil in her role as catering officer.

          The Committee agreed that any fundraising activity will need to clearly identify what it is for, rather than money being utilised from the general fundraising pool.  The fundraising will not necessarily to be limited to ride catering, however Jil will take the lead role in organizing it.

All agreed - passed

 4.2            Running meetings

            Sarah A suggested that in the interests of cutting meeting lengths the Agenda be prepared with each of the above portfolios listed.  Portfolio holders should then provide a written summary prior to the meeting to ensure committee members are prepared for discussion.  If there is no report to be made the item can be passed over.

 5.            Actions arising from the AGM





ACRM to be approached to confirm fees for 2009.

Catherine to forward letter with 2009 calendar.


Membership to return survey to Sue Arwen. – Complete.  The results need to be compiled.

Sue to mail surveys to Catherine for compilation.


An official officer to be appointed to complete paperwork for insurance and Forestry SA requirements.

Completed – refer above


The motion seeking SAERA ride results to be forwarded to AERA in a more timely fashion eg. within 7 or 14 days of the ride, to be redrafted for consideration by AERA.

Sarah Adams


Standard template to assist ride organisers to promote their rides to be drafted.

Jodie Luck


SAERA to provide and award two new perpetual trophies (one for adult, one for junior) for the most distance successfully completed in each year for all rides of less than 80km (members only).

Deb Sheldon


SMC delegate to advise AERA that the SAERA membership is not in favour of a vet gate into hold maximum of 64 beats per minute.

Sarah Adams


Changes to the Constitution to reflect the change to the junior age to be completed.

Faye has completed.

Faye to forward to Shirley for web-site.


A sub-committee to be established by May 2009 for the purpose of organising the Tom Quilty in South Australia in 2011.



The presentation prepared by Sarah A on the results of her preliminary research into utilising Clare as the venue for the Tom Quilty to be placed on the Website and within the newsletter.

A half hour to be set aside at the next meeting for the Committee to discuss the SA Quilty.

 6.         Ride Calendar

            6.1            Meldana Training Ride – 15 March

Melissa submitted a ride application for consideration.  It was noted that in the hope of attracting new members, the ride fees had been reduced ($40 – 40km and $25 – 20km).  The following motion was considered:

That the ride fees as proposed on the ride flyer for the Meldana Training Ride be approved by the SMC on the basis that if the ride is run at a loss, the deficit will be made up from fund raising monies.

                        Moved:           Jil Bourton

                        Seconded:       Jodie Luck

All in favour - passed

It was felt that the reduced fee should be noted on the flyer so as not to set a precedent for future rides.  Jil will discuss ride start times with Melissa.

Action:            14            Catherine to forward ride application forms to all Ride Organisers and request they be forwarded to the Committee for approval as soon as possible.

             6.2            Ride Organisers

There was some concern expressed over ride organisers choosing to ride at their own events and consequently not being available if required.  The Committee felt that there must at all times be a person, who knows the course, available for risk management reasons and to support ride officials.  In the event the Ride Organiser chooses to ride or to leave the venue at any time, there must be a nominated Ride Assistant available.

Action:            15            Catherine to amend the Ride Application Form to include nomination of a Ride Assistant in the event the Ride Organiser wishes to ride or be away from the venue at any time.

             6.3   Emergency Services, Veterinary Clinic etc

The Committee agreed that in order to tighten ‘risk management’ there must be a record that emergency services such as the CES, the police where necessary, the local vet clinic etc have been notified.  Often this is done via a phone call, which is acceptable provided the date, and contact name is listed on the Ride Application form.  Jil will also follow up closer to the ride date.

Action:            16            Catherine to amend the Ride Application Form to include a space to record the date and contact name of the relevant emergency service.  Jil to contact the Ride Organiser to ensure this has been done.

          6.4   Jendari Cup

The Committee discussed Darren Leaver’s proposed ride dates and suggested the Starkey’s III ride be swapped with the Truro 100 elevator.  This would diversify the ride courses and make the cup accessible to a broader range of members/riders.

Action:            17            Catherine to contact Darren Leaver and request a change to the Jendari Cup rides so that Starkey’s III replaces the Truro 100 elevator.

 7.   Correspondence

7.1          Correspondence in:  (Refer to Agenda)

It was noted that Faye’s correspondence had been forwarded straight to AERA.

7.2          Correspondence out: (Refer to Agenda)

No action

 8.      Policy and procedures

8.1            Heat Guidelines

               The committee noted that Faye had made the necessary amendments and the guidelines had been posted to the SAERA website.  It was also noted that a worthwhile article “Strategies for the Heat” had been reproduced in the WA newsletter.

Action:            18            Catherine to seek approval to reproduce the article “Strategies for the Heat”.

           8.2          Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan to be discussed at the next meeting.

8.3          Best Conditioned Sheet - trial of ‘Present Score’

At the last AERA meeting SAERA’s suggestion that AERA consider "upgrading" the Best Conditioned score sheet to include a "Vet time" or "Present" score that rewards the horse for quick recoveries, especially when running VGIH rides (also applicable to "Early Vetting" rides but not Standard vetting).  While this was not supported by NSW it was suggested that SAERA trial the proposal. 

Action:            19            Jil to discuss the ‘upgraded’ Best Conditioned scoresheet with James Vowles and amend the database accordingly to record this trial parameter – to be reported back to SAERA and AERA.

9.         Horse Welfare

            No report

 10.   Membership

            Faye distributed the membership list prior to the meeting.

 11.   Treasurer’s Report (refer to attachment)

            Sarah A distributed the Treasurer’s Report prepared by Sue Arwen.  The following motion was moved:

            That Peter Toft be refunded the entry fee, minus the calendar fee, of $2567.00 for the FEI ride in June 2008.

                        Moved:            Catherine McTaggart

                        Seconded:       Faye Gallagher

All in favour – passed

The Committee also noted that the Quilty interest will soon be maturing and in accordance with the decision made at the AGM, will need to be made available to commence organisation of the SA Quilty.  The following motion was moved:

That in accordance with AGM motion, SAERA act to transfer the interest from the Quilty fund to a new account.

                        Moved:           Deb Sheldon

                        Seconded:       Jil Bourton

All in favour – passed

The Committee noted that signatories for the Quilty Account will need to be arranged.

12.   Newsletter

            The newsletter will be sent to the printers in the forthcoming week.

 13.       AERA

            The Committee noted that the AERA AGM for 2009 will be held at the end of February.

 14.       HorseSA

            No report

 15.       IT

             No report

16.       Other Business

16.1            Gear Annex

            The Committee again discussed the need to finalise the purchase of this annex/tent.

Action:            20            Jodie L to obtain quotes around $2000 for purchase of the secretary’s annex/tent.

             16.2            Veterinary Accreditation Seminar

Sarah A advised that she had commenced arrangements for a veterinary accreditation course to take place in late Feb/March.  Lindsay Park would again possibly donate their facilities for this day.

Action:            21            Sarah A to formalise arrangements for the 2009 Veterinary Accreditation Seminar and send out invitations.

            16.3            TPR Seminar

Sarah A advised that Rebekah French is happy to host the seminar at the Animalia veterinary clinic in Gawler.  Sarah needs to confirm the accredited vet attending.  The first weekend in March was identified as a suitable weekend.

Action:            22            Sarah A to confirm the TPR seminar and Catherine to prepare a flyer and distribute to the membership.

             16.4            2009 AGM

A number of Committee members felt the next AGM and presentations should either be run as separate events, or that more time be set aside to ensure discussion is not rushed.  This will be discussed at future meetings.

             16.5            Sale of ride bibs

Committee members have received further queries about the opportunity to purchase their own bibs.  Sarah A advised that Amily Daw had been looking into this.

Action:            23            Amily’s investigation into the sale of ride bibs to be brought back to the next committee meeting for consideration.

             16.6            Minimum ride numbers

The committee acknowledged Bob Master’s advice that he would be seeking a minimum of 10 nominations for the 80km Towitta ride, otherwise he will cancel the 80km event.  The Committee was happy to support Bob in his position.  Less than 10 riders jeopardises the financial viability of the event and involves considerable time and effort to organise and mark.

17.       Next Meeting:

The Committee discussed the potential to extend meetings out to 6 weekly intervals to reduce the time and fuel commitments by members during the year.

24 October 2008

South Australian Endurance Riders Association

Minutes of Meeting

Friday 24 October 2008 at 6.55pm

Mt Pleasant Hospital


1.            Present:            Jil Bourton, Faye Gallagher, Melanie Scott, Steve Ellis, Sue Arwen, Deb Sheldon

2.            Apologies:      Sarah Adams, Jodie Luck, Sarah Young

 3.         Also in attendance:     Jill Ross, Lainie Ray, Shirley Ellis

 4.            Confirmation of the minutes of the previous meeting:

                        Moved:           Melanie Scott

                        Seconded:       Steve Ellis

All in favour

 5.         Jill Ross addressed the meeting with a proposal that all Australian endurance riding members should receive information from AERA regarding the future of endurance riding and possible implications in respect of FEI, EFA and AERA.  It was agreed that Jill and Melanie should produce a motion to be forwarded for the next AERA meeting.                                                                                                                                

6.            Actions Arising from the last meeting

·         Harbison’s newsletter article – awaiting Sandi’s response – ongoing

·         Old website has been removed but so far it has not proved possible to get the new website on Google.

·         Jil to follow up with AERA re the EFA Agreement - ongoing.

·         Melissa Bright  had proposed that an Introduction to Endurance Riding seminar be held prior to a Training Ride at the beginning of next season.  She also asked if a TPR Course could be held at the same time.  She suggested this could all be held at Ray Heinrich’s property at Kangarilla.  After considering all aspects the Committee agreed this was a great initiative and that the Introduction Seminar followed by the Training Ride could be held on the one day so that new members would not be required to stay overnight.  Time constraints would rule out the TPR course but this may take place at the Truro Easter Bunny Ride.  Date in March to be considered for the Seminar and Training Ride.  Melanie to speak with Melissa re details - ongoing

·         State of Origin Competition – Jil advised she was still in discussion with respect to the rules governing the team competition.  Further suggestions to be made would include:  State riders should be riding horses with a Log Book from that State;   Novice horses be able to compete;   horse’s do not necessarily have to be registered with a breed society;  point scoring should be based on a time scale rather than placing..   Jil would document her suggestions and send to Victoria – ongoing

·         Pre-ride briefing proforma – to be inserted into Ride Organiser’s Manual – ongoing

·         Bundaleer Forest Ride – Jil to liaise with the Van Ecks – ongoing

·         “Guidelines for Managing Temperature Extremes”  It was noted that these are Guidelines and the ultimate decision at each ride will be at the discretion of the Chief Steward.  It was moved that these Guidelines be adopted.  Proposed:  Faye Gallagher  Seconded:  Sue Arwen     Carried    It was further agreed that Faye would send a copy to Sue for the Newsletter and to Shirley for the website.

·         Changes to the Constitution regarding age of Juniors be brought up at the AGM so that the Constitution may be officially changed.

·         Motion to be prepared at the next meeting for consideration at the AGM to utilise interest money from the Tom Quilty account to replace old and failing equipment.  Equipment to be considered are a marquee for use at rides and telescopic lights with possible consideration of a new trailer.  It was further agreed that the Trailer should be taken to Steve’s property following the final ride of the season and the contents to be sorted out and an inventory to be prepared.

·         Strategic Planning Workshop to be held on Saturday 29 November.  Sue told the meeting that the primary subjects would be Membership, Ride Organisation, Competition and Risk Management.  Sue will email all Committee members with further details prior to the Workshop.

·         FEI 1* Ride – a budget and proposal for a ride in October 2009 to be prepared – ongoing.


1.            Strategic Plan – A tentative date was set for Saturday 29 November.  Sue Arwen will prepare a draft review of the Plan for committee members to consider prior to the workshop where risk management will also need developing with a view to preparing a presentation for the AGM.

Action:            4a)            Strategic Plan workshop set for Saturday 29 November.  Sarah A to confirm venue. 

                        4b)            Sue Arwen to forward revised draft of the Strategic Plan for consideration by committee members prior to the workshop.

2/3/4Cambrai, Kersbrook and Clare – Refer ‘Ride Calendar’ below – no further action

5.   Bundaleer Forest – Jil to get in touch with the Van Ecks – to be completed

6.   FEI Calendar – after consultation with a number of members including new and younger members, Sarah A advised that SAERA nominated a single 1star ride for October 2009.  Castlebar will pay the calendar fee.  Sarah will also approach the Tofts and request the $3000 entry fee be put aside for this ride.  The ride will also provide an opportunity for assessment of the venue and course as a potential Quilty ride.  As noted previously, the Mayor and Council are very interested in supporting the Quilty at Clare and a couple of wineries have also expressed interest.


Action:            5            Sarah A and Jil to prepare a budget and proposal for a 1 star FEI ride at Clare in October 2009 for consideration by members at the AGM.

                        6            Sarah A to provide a newsletter article seeking expressions of interest for the SA Quilty from members for further discussion at the AGM.

                        7            Jil to provide a newsletter article explaining the new FEI star system and details on the Young Horse Championships.

7.   FEI Calendar fees – completed – no further action

8.   FEI Budget – refer 6 above

9.   FEI Calendar – refer 6 above

10.  SA Arabs sponsorship – completed – no further action (Thank you letter received)

11.  Draft Forest Management Plan – response completed and sent – no further action

12. Guidelines for Managing Temperature Extremes – to be completed

13. Changes to the SAERA constitution – to be completed

14. Horse SA website – ongoing

15.  Café Nova for 14 December 2008 – booked – no further action

16.  Generator etiquette – added to pre-ride proforma – no further action

17.  11am ride start for 20km rides – completed – no further action


5.         Ride Calendar

5.1            Cambrai – 13/14 September

Harry Ousley confirmed as vet and Chief Steward will be Gary Mudge. 

 5.2            Kersbrook – 27/28 September

Harry Ousley has agreed to vet with Eleanor Nubrik and Chief Steward will be Tania Drever.  Sarah Y advised there will be three legs with the training ride not exceeding 41km.

            5.3            Clare – 18/19 October

Sarah A informed the Committee that Bungaree Station have now advised that the venue may not be available for the ride.  Sarah subsequently sought approval from the Angas’ to hold the ride at Huttonvale that weekend instead, and is awaiting a response.  Andy Doube has been booked to vet, but will also require a treatment vet to assist.

Action:            8            Sarah A to advise whether Huttonvale is available for October and whether a treatment vet can be found to assist Dr Doube.


            5.4            2009 Ride Calendar

The tentative Ride Calendar for 2009 was reviewed.  Sarah A contacted the Angas’ for the State Championships however the ride venue will not be available.  An alternative venue will need to be found.


Mid March            Mel Bright junior training day

10 – 13 April - Easter            Truro Easter Bunny – 3 x 40km and 80km rides

Late April            Kersbrook (following feedback from 2008 ride)

Early May            Truro II

Late May            Second Valley

6 – 8 June long weekend      State Championships – possibly Kapunda?

October      Clare FEI 1* and SAERA 80km rides


*State of Origin – Carpenter Rocks?

**      In order to facilitate a ride at Bundaleer Forest it may be necessary to include an irregular calendar date (ie let a weekend slip) to ensure the ride can be accommodated within Paula’s work schedule.

***      Consideration should be given to selecting an SA team for the Victorian Quilty next year.


Action:            9            Jil to contact Dave and Patricia Reeves regarding the possibility of utilising Carpenter Rocks for the first State of Origin competition.

                        10            Jil to prepare an article for the newsletter regarding selection criteria for an SA team for the Victorian Quilty in 2009.


6.            Correspondence

            6.1            Correspondence in:  (Refer to Agenda)

The Committee noted correspondence in, including the Industry Liaison Officer training that will be conducted by PIRSA; the opportunity to advertise within the new Horse SA magazine; and correspondence from Rachel Cullen advising The Loxton Horse Riders club are keen to advertise 2009 calendar dates in their newsletter.

Motion:            That a one eighth advertisement with photo be included within the Horse SA Magazine.

All Agreed

Action:            11            Melanie to contact Melissa Bright in relation to attending the Industry Liaison Officer training.

                        12            Catherine to select a suitable photo for the Horse SA magazine advertisement and e-mail to committee members for agreement.

                        13            Melanie to contact Horse Deals for costing details on a regular listing within the magazine.


            6.2            Correspondence out: (Refer to Agenda)

No further action


7.         Policy

‘Guidelines for Managing Temperature Extremes’ to be finalised as noted above.


8.         Horse Welfare



9.            Membership

The Committee noted that Faye had provided an updated membership list prior to the meeting and SAERA currently has 90 adult members and 8 juniors.


10.            Treasurer’s Report (refer to attachment)

            Sue distributed her report at the meeting.  Sue reminded the Committee that cash cannot be taken from the float as this makes reconciliation very difficult.  The Committee noted expenses as listed for payment.  Sue also advised the Active Club Grant has just opened and she is happy to prepare an expression of interest.  The Committee felt this would be very worthwhile.

Report Accepted

Action:            14            Sue A to prepare an expression of interest for the Active Club Grant.


11.            Newsletter

            The next newsletter will go out during the first week of October to include the Kersbrook ride.  It was agreed that an advertisement for the Mt Pleasant Hotel should be included in recognition of their excellent support this year.

Action:            15            Steve and Sarah A to put together the draft 2009 calendar for inclusion in the newsletter.

                        16            An advertisement for the Mt Pleasant Hotel to be included in the newsletter.


12.       AERA

The motions for voting will be discussed at the next meeting.  The Committee noted that Jil will be attending the Quilty at Nanango to assist.


13.       Horse SA

Sarah A advised that Horse SA had been promoting endurance at the Royal Show.


14.       IT

The Committee recorded a vote of thanks to Shirley Ellis for the excellent job she is doing on the website.  It was also agreed that a copy of the ratified minutes should be posted to the site.

Action:            17            Catherine to forward a copy of the ratified minutes to Shirley for posting on the website.


15.       Other Business

15.1            Vets

The Committee again discussed the increasing difficulty in securing vets.  The training day held last year at Lindsay Park had been very successful with a number of young vets going on to train and qualify as endurance vets.  Some of these vets had now unfortunately moved to new positions however.  Sarah A has made contact with Roseworthy College and will pursue the opportunity for James Vowles to make a presentation to the veterinary school students and for trainee vets to undertake TPR work as experience at rides.  James Vowles will also need to be approached regarding his availability to continue in the role of Honorary Vet.

Action:            18            Sarah A to liaise with Roseworthy veterinary school regarding the opportunity for students to undertake TPR and receive a presentation on endurance vetting.

                        19            Sarah A to approach James Vowles regarding his availability to continue as Honorary Vet.


15.2            TPR course

The Committee felt it would be worthwhile to hold another TPR course, however for this to take place at a veterinary clinic (Animalia if available) and for the examination to be held at the conclusion of the course.  A date pre-season in January/February was thought most appropriate.

Action:            20            Sarah A to approach Harbisons for assistance in running a TPR course in January/February 2009.


            15.3            AGM

The Committee noted the excellent work performed by ACRM during the year and also the attendance by Harry Ousley at a large number of rides and without whom a couple of rides could not have been held.  It was agreed that Harry and ACRM should be invited to attend the AGM.  It was also noted that the proposed change to the constitution (junior age) would need to be sent out to members prior to the AGM for consideration.  There will be a number of committee positions concluding their two year term this year and several committee members have indicated they will not be standing for re-election. 

Action:            21            Catherine to issue invitations to ACRM and Harry Ousley to attend the 2008 AGM.

                        22            Catherine to provide Sue with all relevant AGM forms including a list of vacant committee positions for distribution with the newsletter.



16.       Next meeting

Friday 24 October 2008

South Australian Endurance Riders Association

Minutes of Meeting

Friday 31 July 2008 at 6.30pm

Mt Pleasant Hospital

1.            Present:            Sarah Adams, Sarah Young, Faye Gallagher, Deb Sheldon, Jil Bourton, Catherine McTaggart

2.            Apologies:      Melanie Scott, Steve Ellis, Sue Arwen, Jodie Luck

3.                  Confirmation of the minutes of the previous meeting:

                        Moved:           Jil Bourton

                        Seconded:            Catherine McTaggart

All in favour

4.            Actions Arising from the last meeting

·         AERA Shield – Correspondence to Broni Mudge – to be completed

·         Regis Trophy – Correspondence to Broni Mudge - to be completed

·         Anne Simmons – it was noted that an error was made during presentation at the State Championships and this presentation will be made again at the AGM.

·         Harbison’s newsletter article – to be approached

·         Volunteer reminder – in newsletter – no further action

·         Logbook upgrade – to be completed

·         Strategic Plan – refer below

·         Trophy boxes – A second box has been ordered – no further action

1/2             New generator – Steve advised prior to the meeting that he was still investigating the smaller generator.  He has spoken with Tania Drever who has agreed to store the large generator when not required. – Steve to report at next meeting on the purchase of a smaller generator around $100.00 for use at rides when larger capacity is not required.

3/4             Kuitpo rides – Ongoing refer below (officials list sent). 

5      Old web-site – To be completed

6      Vink 2009 Calendar – Completed, no further action

7      Correspondence to Bob Masters – Completed, no further action

8            Correspondence to Tofts – A draft letter was prepared, however committee members held reservations over the identity of the campsites in question.  Sarah A will take up directly and the letter will not be sent – no further action

9      Heat Policy amendments – refer below

10            Strategic Plan – Again the Committee felt it was necessary to set aside time to systematically go through and update the Plan.  It was considered worth trying to organise another workshop for November.

Action:            1            Sarah A to confirm a date and venue for a workshop in November to update the Strategic Plan

11   Teena Goodson – Steve advised prior to the meeting that he had sent correspondence to Teena Goodson.  Steve also spoke with her directly at the recent Starkey’s Ride where Teena elected not to ride the horse due to concerns over some minor but ongoing problems – no further action

12   Invasive Treatment Forms – Copies of the Invasive Treatment Form for Malricia Bern have been sent to QERA and Peter Toft.  The form for Zara Farm Shadasj ridden by Bridget Nottle for the Tofts has been sent to Anne Barnes.  Anne will send the form back to Steve for onforwarding to QERA and the Tofts – no further action

13   Future of the Quilty – Completed, refer AERA below

14  EFA Agreement – Sarah A will complete

15   Proposed Rule Change – Completed, refer AERA below

16  Mel Bright Training Day – Jodie advised prior to the meeting that she had corresponded with Mel Bright, however had not heard back from her as yet – Jodie to update at next meeting.

17  State of Origin – Jil advised that she was waiting to hear back from Linda Tanian.  Jil had suggested Elmhurst as the first ride with one ride proposed for this year and two for next year.  The Committee held further discussions with the following outcomes:

a)   Confirmation that horses should be bred in the respective states

b)   Membership should be defined by a minimum of 5 years membership in one State that does not necessarily have to be consecutive

c)   Teams should comprise up to five members with the best four scores utilised. 

d)   A bonus point should be awarded to teams that field a member from each riding division

e)   A budget is needed for awards

f)   Sponsorship for fuel and awards should be pursued in conjunction with Victoria.  Given the travel distance involved some creative opportunities such as float and tyre manufacturers should be considered – Jil to report back at the next meeting.

18      Generator Etiquette – refer below

19      Ride arrival time – refer below

20      Ride Stationary – Melanie to complete

 5.         Ride Calendar

5.1            Starkey’s III– 2/3 August

            Confirmed all in hand with Karen Alderton as Chief Steward.

5.2            Kuitpo Airstrip I – 16/17 August

Sarah A advised that all officials and volunteers have been organised for Kuitpo I.  Melanie to confer on course distance.

5.3            Kuitpo Airstrip II – 30/31 August

Sarah A advised that while all officials are booked, there is a severe shortage of helpers for this ride.

5.4            Cambrai – 13/14 September

This ride will comprise the first leg reversed.  Harry Ousley will vet however a Chief Steward and Secretary are still required. 

Action:            2            Sarah A to approach Tania Drever and Karen Alderton.  If not available an interstate official may be required.

 5.5            Kersbrook – 27/28 September

A vet is still required for this ride.  Sarah Y also advised that due to the configuration of the ride venue a straight line veterinary run-out may be necessary.

Action:            3            Sarah A to continue efforts to secure a vet for this ride.

            5.6            Clare – 18/19 October

Sarah A advised that due to a change of management at the Clare racecourse, the booking for this ride may now be in doubt.  Sarah has been in discussions with Bungaree Station, which may provide an alternative venue.  The station has good facilities that could supply the opportunity for a very good end of season ride.  The Committee were very enthusiastic about this new venue.  An interstate vet may be required.

Action:            4            Sarah A to pursue Bungaree Station as the ride venue for the Clare event in October.

            5.7            Bundaleer Forest

The Committee also noted with enthusiasm the opportunity for a ride either later this year or next year within the Bundaleer Forest, which the Van Ecks may be interested in organising.  The Bundaleer Forest is the subject of a Draft Forest Management Plan currently on public exhibition.  The Plan notes low horse riding usage and Horse SA is keen for rides to be considered to ensure continued horse access.

Action:            5            Jil to respond to the Van Ecks offering a date in late October or November or if preferred, next year, for a ride event in the Bundaleer Forest.  In the event a date on next year’s calendar is preferred, the opportunity to meet and conduct an unofficial trial ride to be suggested.

             5.8            2009 Ride Calendar

The following events were tentatively agreed to for next year’s Ride Calendar:

Mid March            Monarto

10 – 13 April - Easter            Truro Easter Bunny

Late April            Kersbrook (following feedback from 2008 ride)

Early May            Truro II

Late May            Second Valley

6 – 8 June long weekend      State Championships at Huttonvale (need approval from John Angas)

All Agreed

 5.9       2009 FEI Rides

            The Committee noted there will be a number of rule changes coming into operation in 2009.  Future FEI rides will require competitors to qualify before progressing to the next level.  1* competition will comprise distances up to 90km with much less onerous arrangements for officials and administration.  The Committee felt that the opportunity to compete in a 1* event would engage members and encourage participation at FEI rides.

             The Committee agreed it would be worthwhile providing a 1* ride early in the season with the opportunity for a 1* and 2* later in the year.  This would also enable members to enter the ‘Young Horse Championships’ for 6 – 8 year olds.  The second Truro ride was nominated as a good first venue with a 1* and 2* ride at Monarto in September providing the second ride.

             The Committee also noted that Castlebar will reimburse the calendar fees for any associations running rides as part of the ‘Young Horse Championships’.  The cut off for the FEI calendar nominations is 22 August 2008.

Action:            6            Sarah A to nominate for FEI Ride Calendar to ensure late fees are avoided.

                        7            Jil to speak with Castlebar regarding calendar fees.

                        8            Sarah A and Jil to prepare a draft budget for consideration by the Committee at the next meeting.

                        9            An FEI ride calendar proposal for 2009 to be presented to the membership for consideration at the AGM.

 6.            Correspondence

            6.1            Correspondence in:  (Refer to Agenda)

The Committee noted correspondence from SA Arabs seeking sponsorship for their State Championships.  Correspondence from ACRM regarding provision of maps and Horse SA in relation to a public lecture was also noted.  The Committee also considered the Draft Forest Management Plan currently on public exhibition and determined to send comments by 15 August 2008.

Action:            10            Sponsorship to the value of $55.00 to be sent to SA Arabs for their upcoming State Championships.

                        11            Catherine to forward comments on the Draft Forest Management Plan by 15 August 2008.

            6.2            Correspondence out: (Refer to Agenda)

No further action

 7.         Policy

The Committee noted the changes made to the ‘Guidelines for Managing Temperature Extremes’.  Some further refinement to wording and layout is required.

Action:            12            Sarah A to review the Guidelines and return to the next meeting.

 8.         Horse Welfare


 9.            Membership

The Committee noted that Faye had provided an updated membership list prior to the meeting and SAERA currently had 88 adult members and 8 juniors.

 10.            Treasurer’s Report (refer to attachment)

            Sue forwarded via e-mail prior to the meeting.  The Committee noted a loss of some $750.00 for the State Championships which was an improvement on previous years.  The FEI had run slightly under budget.

Report Accepted

 11.            Newsletter

            The Committee noted that the newsletter had been sent out and thanked Sue for a great issue.

 12.       AERA

Jil gave a brief report on the matters discussed at the recent International Committee and AERA meeting.  It was noted that the team for the World Championships in Malaysia, 7 November, had been selected.  The Committee congratulated Jil and Pip on their selection for the support crew.  With respect to Rule Changes:

·         The VERA motion that the junior age be raised from 16 years in the year of the ride to 18 years in the year of the ride has successfully passed the second vote.

Action:            13            Faye to prepare changes to SAERA constitution for consideration at the next meeting prior to consideration by members at the AGM.

·         The exemption of Omeprazole from the provisions of prohibited substance rules passed on the second vote, with no evidence suggesting performance enhancing qualities.  SA abstained.

·         Body condition score, assessed as part of the initial examination and recorded in the log book, passed the second vote and will replace anal tone.

·         Microchips plus certified veterinary identification recorded in the Endurance Horse Logbook will be required from 2010.  This will not include novice logbooks and will not be retrospective.

·         The SAERA motion on the Horse Early Warning System and Suspensions did not pass the first vote.  It did spark a lot of discussion however and a future Agenda item will be included for further discussion at AERA.

·         The maximum heart rate for VGH for AERA will be 64bpm.  Changes to present times have also been proposed.  This will return for the second vote and can be considered by the Committee at the next meeting.

·         SA and QLD provided comments on the ‘Future of the Quilty’.  Refer AERA minutes once distributed for more detail.

13.       Horse SA

Sarah A advised that after three years she has resigned as Horse SA delegate.  She noted the excellent work that continued to be done and recommended that the website address be included in the newsletter so that members can stay informed.

Action:            14            Horse SA website address to appear regularly in the newsletter to encourage members to stay informed.

14.       IT


 15.       Other Business

15.1            2008 AGM

Options for a venue and programme for the AGM were discussed.  The Committee decided on a lunch at Café Nova in Gawler on Sunday 14 December.  The meeting will commence at 11am with lunch at 1pm and presentations commencing at 2pm.  The café has a room available at a cost of $100 with meals available from the menu or a choice of three.  The room provides a DVD and screen facilities.

Action:            15            Shirley Ellis to look into booking Café Nova for 14 December 2008.

15.2            Generator Etiquette

Following on from discussion at the last meeting it was agreed that this should be added to the pre-ride proforma prepared by Jil.

Action:            16            Jil to add generator etiquette to the pre-ride proforma.

15.3            Ride arrival time

Committee members agreed that the later start time on Sunday is the preferred option and this will also encourage 20km riders to stay for presentations.  A ride start time of 11am will be advertised.

Action:            17            11am ride start for 20km rides to be advertised in the newsletter and web-site with entries from 9am and ride briefing at 10.30am.

 16.       Next meeting

To be advised



ACTIONS arising from the SAERA Committee meeting of 31 July 2008






Correspondence to be sent to Broni Mudge with respect to the AERA Shield.

Catherine McTaggart


Correspondence to Broni Mudge regarding the Regis Trophy.

Catherine McTaggart


The Harbisons to be approached and asked if they will contribute an article for the newsletter on invasive treatment, including rest orders.

Sarah Adams


An example of the correct procedure for seeking a logbook upgrade to be prepared for inclusion in the next newsletter.

Faye Gallagher


Progress on the purchase of a smaller generator around $100.00 for use at rides when larger capacity is not required to be provided at the next meeting.

Steve Ellis


Old web-site to be removed

Sarah Adams


AERA be requested to post the EFA Agreement and a short explanatory article on the implications for members to the web-site.

Sarah Adams


An update on Mel Bright’s suggestion to hold a junior training day to be provided at the next meeting.

Jodie Luck


An update on arrangements for the State of Origin competition to be provided at the next meeting.

Jil Bourton


The pre-ride briefing proforma to be included within the Ride Organisers Manual.

Melanie Scott

Jil Bourton


A date and venue for a workshop in November to update the Strategic Plan to be confirmed.

Sarah Adams


Tania Drever and Karen Alderton to be approached to Chief Steward at the Cambrai ride.  If not available an interstate official may be required.

Sarah Adams


Efforts to continue to secure a vet for the Kersbrook ride.

Sarah Adams


Further inquiries with Bungaree Station to be undertaken as the possible ride venue for the Clare event in October.

Sarah Adams


Response to be sent to the Van Ecks offering a date in late October or November or if preferred, next year, for a ride event in the Bundaleer Forest.  In the event a date on next year’s calendar is preferred, the opportunity to meet and conduct an unofficial trial ride to be suggested.

Jil Bourton


Ride nominations for the FEI Calendar to be made to ensure late fees are avoided.

Sarah Adams


Castlebar to be contacted regarding arrangements for payment of FEI calendar fees.

Jil Bourton


A draft FEI budget to be prepared for consideration by the Committee at the next meeting.

Sarah Adams

Jil Bourton


An FEI ride calendar proposal for 2009 to be presented to the membership for consideration at the AGM.

Sarah Adams


Sponsorship to the value of $55.00 to be sent to SA Arabs for their upcoming State Championships.

Sue Arwen


Comments to be forwarded on the Draft Forest Management Plan by 15 August 2008.

Catherine McTaggart


The formatting and expression of the ‘Guidelines for Managing Temperature Extremes’ to be reviewed for consideration at the next meeting.

Sarah Adams


Changes to the SAERA constitution to be made for consideration at the next meeting prior to consideration by members at the AGM.

Faye Gallagher


Horse SA website address to appear regularly in the newsletter to encourage members to stay informed.

Sue Arwen


Further details and a booking at the Café Nova for 14 December 2008 for the SAERA AGM to be made.

Shirley Ellis


Generator etiquette to be added to the pre-ride proforma.

Jil Bourton


11am ride start for 20km rides to be advertised in the newsletter and web-site with entries from 9am and ride briefing at 10.30am.

Sue Arwen

Shirley Ellis


*Actions carried over from the last meeting highlighted in grey