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The style and material of the polo shirt has now been changed, the material contains more cotton so is more suitable for riding.  Some of the sizing especially for the Ladies needs to be checked and it is suggested that before you order anything, measure a similar item that you are comfortable wearing and measure from underarm to underarm and let me have the measurement in cm (Shirley Ellis on [email protected] or Tel: 85640024 / 0414436307).  Prices are to be confirmed, current prices on the form may not be correct.

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Merchandise Order form



 If you would like to record your ride completions for 40kms and above with a gold plate instead of a sash we can offer the following. 

 You can purchase a wooden board with the name of either yourself or your horse on a banner plate at the top (with or without the year) with a SAERA logo below and space for up to 17 rides.  At the end of each ride you can fill in a form and we will have your plate engraved with the Ride name, the date and distance and the position if applicable and this will be given to you at the next ride.  Wooden boards can be purchased from Shirley Ellis or you can provide one of your own.    Please contact Shirley on 85640024, 0414 436307 or email to [email protected]

Standard wooden plaque incl. engraved name and logo                $26.00

Small wooden plaque with engraved name and logo                      $17.50

Engraved gold banner and logo                                                            $9.30

Extra gold plates                                                                                      $3.80          

We can supply gold plates for 20km rides at a cost of                        $3.80

 Standard wooden board with engraved name and logo


Also available for sale are:

 SAERA stickers                           50c  each

SAERA cloth badges              $3.50   each

AERA cloth badges                $3.50    each

AERA metal badges               $5.00    each

These will be available at rides or contact Shirley on 85640024 / 0414436307 or email to [email protected]