Index of forms to be found on this page:  Go to the underlined Form down the page and click to download a copy of the form.

2016 Personal Accident Insurance Claim Form
2016 Membership Summary and Payment Form
2016 Membership Application/Renewal Form
Horse Registration - Annual or Lifetime
Annual Logbook Return
Entry Form for Members
Entry Form for Day Members plus Liability Waiver
Logbook Application
Transfer of Ownership Form
Current Bib Policy and Order Form
AERA Distance Scroll Application Form
Ride Organiser's Budget Sheet
Application to Host an Endurance Ride
Form for Certificate of Currency
Event Application - Forestry SA
Handbook for Ride Organisers
Medication control Reporting Form
Swabbing Kit Order Form
Horse Identification Form
Chief Steward's Ride Report Form
Head Vet's Ride Report Form
Best Conditioned Vet Scores Form
AERA Forms
FEI Passport Order Form
FEI Registration Form
Order Form for Kidman Trail maps
Incident Report Form

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Click here for a 10 day Horse Health Declaration Form.  It is for horses from a Hendra area but don't worry about that.  Just use it for as many days as are required (7 days for the State Champs):    10 Day Horse Health Declaration Form

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2017 Membership Form

You MUST read the first two pages of the Personal Accident Form before completing the Membership Summary and Membership Application Forms.  Once you have completed the forms please send them to The Secretary, SAERA Inc. PO Box 974, Littlehampton 5250.  Also you MUST return last year's membership card with your application.  You can now pay by EFT but you must print out a copy of the receipt and send it in with your application form.  If you need more information please contact Lainie on 0438846741 or email [email protected]Please don't forget the Annual Registration for your endurance horse and your Logbook Return if necessary, which must be sent to Faye Gallagher at PO Box 593, Nairne 5252.
Horse Health Declaration Forms

These two pages must be handed in every time you attend a ride.  In future you will not be able to ride if you do not have a completed form.  If you have not been able to download a copy of this form you can ask for a copy prior to the ride by emailing [email protected] and you will be emailed a copy back.  Please make sure you have enough time to complete the temperature check (3 days prior to the ride).

Horse Health Declaration Page 1

Horse Health Declaration Page 2

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Ride Entry Form

IF YOU HAVE NOMINATED ON LINE FOR THE RIDE THEN YOU DO NOT NEED TO COMPLETE THE ENTRY FORM BELOW.  If you haven't nominated it is not essential but it would be a great help if you could download this form and complete as much as possible before bringing it to the ride.  If you are not a member of the Club can you please also download a copy of the waiver and complete this and hand it in with your entry form before the ride. If you are a Junior please ask your parent or guardian to sign the form for you.  Please make sure you have your PIC No. as this must be included on the Entry Form.  If you agist your horse elsewhere then the owner of the property will have a PIC No. for you to use.

2017 Entry Form for Day Members
Bib Order Form

Bibs are now mandatory from 2012.  Please click on the page below for information and Order Form.

If you have any problems downloading this form please let Shirley know on [email protected]


Endurance Horse Registration - Annual or Lifetime

Registration Form

AERA Endurance Horse Registration fees.

At the November AERA meeting, the future of the Endurance Horse Registration fee was considered and discussed. The AERA considered the fee in the context of the following items that are on AERA’s short to mid-term horizon:

1)     AeraSpace (like all software) will require ongoing maintenance and enhancements;
2)     The AERA is developing an electronic timing system that will interface with AeraSpace. The intention is to provide each State with a complete hardware package designed for use at all events in Australia. The first trials should be conducted in the first quarter of 2014 with the intention of having it fully tested and operational for the 2014 TQ;
3)     The AERA has committed to funding special celebration activities at our 50th Anniversary Tom Quilty in 2015.

When considering the above issues and the associated costs, it was decided to continue with the Endurance Horse Registration fee and increase it for the first time since its inception to ensure that the above projects could be adequately funded. Annual registrations rose from $11 to $25 and Lifetime from $55 to $60.

The decision to increase the annual fee significantly, whilst only marginally increasing the lifetime fee, was twofold;
(a)   to encourage members to purchase lifetime registration thus reducing secretarial workloads in the long run; and
(b)   to ensure that those members who turn over a large number of horses on a regular basis contribute accordingly.

The increased fees were conveyed in writing to all State SMC Secretaries shortly after the meeting. State delegates are required to pass information on all matters discussed to their own State SMC’s in a format and timeframe as agreed with their State SMC.

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Logbook Application Form

Logbook Application Form 2017

There are two pages and you MUST print the Horse ID Form (second page) and submit with this Logbook Application.  It will also be helpful to print up the
Explanatory Notes for Horse ID

Please note that all new registrations must include microchip number and the Property Identi
fication Code where your horse is kept.

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Transfer of Ownership Form

Transfer Form

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2016 Vet Fees

Please be advised that the vet fees for 2016 will be as follows:

That the 2016 recommended vet fees are as follows (increased by 2.5%):

80 km ride $630 + GST

120 km ride $707 + GST

160 km ride $881 + GST

Marathon $457 + GST per day

Non accredited vets will be paid 75% of the accredited vet fee.

Vets may only be paid the GST providing that they supply a tax invoice.

AERA FORMS as of January 2016

Ride Organiser's Budget Sheet    To be forwarded to the SAERA Secretary at least one month prior to the date of the ride.

Application to Host an Endurance Ride
To be forwarded to the SAERA Management Committee prior to 31st December

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To apply for a Distance Scroll for your horse please click on the form below and submit to AERA.  Scrolls are available for 300km and 800km at a cost of $10.  Scrolls for 1600km are free and for 3000 and 5000km you will receive a scroll and a trophy free of charge.  Scrolls are then awarded for every 1500km over and above 5000km.

Horse Distance Scroll Application


AERA now provide scrolls for riders overall distance from 10,000km in upward blocks of 5,000km to 35,000km so if you are eligible please click below and submit your form to AERA.

Lifetime Rider Distance Scroll Application

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The AERA wish to correct and clarify the participation requirements for horses and riders entering FEI 2* and 3* competitions.
The following requirements are effective immediately and remain in place until the 30th June 2012.
Advice received from Equestrian Australia (EA) in December 2011 had been interpreted to suggest that horses entering FEI 2* and 3* events could do so on an AERA logbook without the need for an EA National Identity Document (NID) until the 30/06/2012.  EA has now clarified the FEI requirements with AERA and we advise that horses entering 2* and 3* FEI events must have a current NID or FEI passport. 

The AERA sincerely apologises for this misunderstanding and confirms that any horse participating in an FEI 2* and 3* event prior to 30th June 2012 must have a current NID or FEI passport.

EA had advised that they no longer issue an NID, so therefore, if you have not already purchased a current NID you will need to purchase an FEI passport which is available through Equestrian Australia.   The FEI Passport Order Form is attached.

AERA logbooks may be used for 1* events.
All horses and riders must have current FEI registration.

Again, the AERA apologies for this misunderstanding.

FEI Passport Order Form

FEI Registration Form